Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Princess For A Day

I'm not a 20-something year old blonde babe up for 'fun times' but I play one on TV or, rather, the internet. Not always, mind you, just from time to time and not for my own personal amusement either.

It's a job, not a hobby.

One notable time was about a year ago when I was tasked with locating a particular individual who had failed to meet his parenting obligations. She met him online through a dating site and romance blossomed, then died, but she was left with a reminder of what they had... in the form of a baby.

I was given what contact details she had for him: his internet dating profile, his cellphone number, and an old address where she was sure he no longer lived. Supposedly when she tried calling his cellphone, a male voice (sounding suspiciously like his) told her that the gentleman in question had sold his phone and moved abroad. Sure.

What was I to do?

Well, the first thing was to create a fake profile on the same dating site after having stolen some pics of a young woman from an Estonian site.

What was the profile name? "Princess_for_a_day" no less.

Now I'm not going to bore you with the details of what sort of messages I received from a bunch of degenerate losers and faux-bi females (who I believed were as female as I was - as female as you can be with an XY chromosome pair), no, I still feel a bit dirty by that whole experience.

The profile was clearly to entice him: similar age group, similar interests, and a smoking hot babe seemingly interested in him. Did it entice him? How could it not?

I had a reply from my initial message to him that very day. Not wanting to spook him, I played out the part of 'Princess' for a few days, swapping messages and talking about stuff that he was into. He lapped it up.

After a while I suggested we exchanged numbers. I had already purchased a pre-pay SIM card for this case and had a female friend leave a sexy voicemail message in case he should ring. I also gave her the phone so she could continue to flirt with him by SMS.

Naturally, the number he gave was just the same as I was supplied by the client so the story of selling the phone and moving abroad was bogus.

It didn't take long with messages swapping back and forth before he suggested meeting. The story we had created was that 'Princess' lived at home with her parents so he couldn't come around to her place... I imagine he couldn't volunteer his home address fast enough.

Well, the story came to an unhappy end for him when rather than 'Princess' knocking on his door it was the Court Bailiff.

Very good result and I guess it also shows how gullible men are when they think they are getting something they want.

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