Friday, February 19, 2010

The Prostitute and the Private Eye - The Final Curtain

It came as no great surprise, although still tinged with a sense of mild disappointment, that I never received a call from the will-she-won't-she time wasting client regarding her missing husband. (Here is part one and part two of this sorry tale, in case you missed it)

Despite her repeated insistence that this was a priority, she continued to put off meetings and, more importantly, payment until I finally had enough and told her I was no longer interested in working on her case.

Even then I relented the once, against my better judgment, and gave her one last opportunity to prove she wasn't just another crack-whore when she said she would call me on Friday. I gave her a deadline and, naturally, it has come and gone without a word from her.

Crack whores 1, Jaded private investigators 0.

Or is it the other way around since my instincts were right?

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