Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Zen and the art of Garbology

Have you ever found yourself wearing latex gloves, trying not to dry-heave as you pick through someone's accumulation of rotten food scraps, discarded sanitary products and slimy unidentifiable odds and ends as you look for something, anything, of interest?

Sadly, I can say yes to the above.

More than once, even.
The question of whether it is entirely legal to do so is an interesting matter that I don't really care to have answered as I prefer the grey areas of law to than those annoying black and white certainties.

The information you can find out about a person (or organisation) is astounding, particularly if they are not careful in how they dispose of sensitive information. Take Mr 'Smith', obviously not his real name, who I was investigating on behalf of a creditor whose goods had mysteriously disappeared while in Mr Smith's possession. I found out some quite interesting facts regarding his financial position as well as that he was on powerful anti-psychotic medication (which ultimately said a lot about him) because of what he threw out.

I also learned that his wife preferred disposable menstrual pads as opposed to other feminine hygiene products, something I didn't really want to know and almost made me throw up when I made this discovery.

That aside, I was probably one of the most grateful people of this city who welcomed the local council's move to introduce separate bins for rubbish, organic waste, and recyclables. Now all the paperwork I'm most likely looking for is nicely, and more importantly, cleanly stored in a manner that doesn't see me get covered in something that smells worse than I look.

A heartfelt thumbs-up from me!

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