Friday, April 09, 2010

The Apocalypse Beckons...

Strange days indeed, Dear Reader. I know where I will be this coming Sunday at 1000hrs.


Well, to *a* church in particular. Normally it would take an impending Apocalypse before I would willingly enter such a place and, even then I'm not so sure.

So are the End Times upon us?

No, or at least I hope not. Then again, an apocalypse would sort out some issues, like my mounting library fines, so maybe I shouldn't be too quick to dismiss one out of hand...

Anyway, I have a case I'm working on for a barrister. His client is facing some possible jail time but there are several possible witnesses whose statements might make all the difference. The problem is that the only place any of these individuals are known to have a connection to is this particular church and the only time it looks like it is open is during services.

Seriously, what kind of church doesn't have some phone contact details available?

So now I actually have to attend the service as I have no idea as to how long these things go on for. They're not a normal church by the looks of it, I think the church doubles as a Christian Cafe...

I swear I'm not overly happy about this. I bet the moment I walk in they are going to try to 'save' me  or something. I'm going to have to remain polite so as not to put the potential witnesses off.

If there is a God, which there isn't, I'd say this was some kind of a test.

The only possible good that could come from this is that there might be some hot women who are emotionally damaged and vulnerable. My very two favourite traits in a female.

However, I'm not overly optimistic.

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