Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Bullshit Files - Remote Viewer challenge update

With a day to go I finally received word from the Remote Viewer that they do not engage in playing games for my entertainment.

My response was that this was not merely an exercise in entertainment but an opportunity to demonstrate the validity and practicality of Remote Viewing in investigative work to someone in their target market: a practicing private investigator.

Sounds like a reasonable expectation, I would have thought?

Alas, this did not elicit a further response other than an invitation to clean up my office and hop on a plane to either Perth (Australia) or Las Vegas where there are several conferences or seminars on the subject being held.

Wow, he must really have those RV powers to scry the state of my office. Either that or there is a more than average chance that any small business office probably could do with a tidy (particularly if a sole operator) as it is more likely that he or she will tend to focus on doing work and not necessarily the admin or housekeeping.


Or not.

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