Monday, May 10, 2010

Dealing with an unfounded complaint

I am sad to say that not everyone is enamoured of my high level of professionalism, Dear Reader.

In fact, I have been the subject of a complaint (series of complaints, actually) from one individual who was clearly not all that happy regarding my attendances to his home and work places in regards to a particular matter.

Mr Smooth (clearly not his real name) has made a number of allegations including that I had 'abused' his terminally ill wife. He also stated that I did so in the presence of a witness, but was not able to provide specifics when asked in response to his complaint.

Now I'm not above admitting I've made a mistake on the very rare occasion that might happen, but I'm certainly not going to apologise for something I never did. And that was what I told Mr Smooth.

His response?

Two drunkenly slurred messages left on my voicemail late one evening making further demands I apologise 'or else...'

I wrote a letter to Mr Smooth, stating that unless he could provide further specifics as to what allegedly occurred, then no apology would be forthcoming. Of course there were no specifics given regarding the 'abuse' but Mr Smooth changed tack and now escalated the matter by referring the complaint upward to my Client and, dropping the alleged abuse, but now leveled several new complaints against me on other grounds entirely.

In the interests of full disclosure, I had already informed my Client of Mr Smooth's allegations prior to them receiving the complaint and had provided a full report of the incident and what had actually transpired. The Client had decided that, on balance of probabilities, my account was correct given that I have been undertaking work for them for the best part of the last 5 years without any problems until now.

However, this did not satisfy Mr Smooth who I understand has now leveled a new round of complaints against me. The Client, however, has already assured me that they are not taking his complaints seriously as he is known to them as a 'serial whinger'.

While that is somewhat reassuring, I still feel somewhat pissed off that there is a particular individual out there spreading various allegations about me that are just not true. And he is the sort who just will not leave the matter alone.

I guess I could have apologised just to get him off my back but why should anyone apologise for something that they did not do? And worse, such an apology could (and probably would) be taken as an admission of liability and who knows where that may have led?

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