Monday, May 24, 2010


Aye, me salty chums, those Lubbers at the High Court have seen fit to blast me plan under the waterline giving me some nonsense that they have never known of anyone other than the Registrarrrr or Bailiff to lawfully board a Prize vessel and arrest her.

Arrrrr! If that don't take the wind out o' me sails...

Still, I'm not ready to dance the hempen jig just yet, I am making further enquiries to that end.


  1. Arrrrr.... Those land lubbers just try to ruin all ye fun!

  2. It be all good practice for the Worldly Speak in the manner of a Gentleman-of-enterprise occasion?

  3. "Gentleman of enterprise"... I like that. So much so, I'm going to edit my previous blog entry.