Monday, May 31, 2010

Tinfoil Helmet Brigade #2

The following is taken from a website where freelance investigators bid for jobs internationally. Unfortunately, there is no (or at least none as far as I can tell) scrutiny as to the suitability of the vendors and the site is plagued by scammers. That aside, the clients aren't much better either. 

The following case description and further information is provided by the client, mranderson, who requires some assistance in proving that the US Department of Defence is out gunning specifically for him:

I am looking for a private investigator that is technically capable such that they will be able to prove that the United States Department of Defense or some such powerful entity, is unlawfully infiltrating my online-entertainment space as well as possibly real life traffic in an effort to peruse a criminal and grudge based escalating McCarthyistic psychological war of abuse against me, an innocent, hard working, tax paying patriot.

I am an avid video gamer and I have been compiling a list of names of players that I believe seek me out in an attempt to both send me a message as well as genuinely destroy the game experience.

I feel like I am being stalked by someone who hates me and they want me to know that they are watching me and that they have some significant resources at their disposal and somehow I am worth them spending it on. They seem to know everything about me, they judge me, and they let me know it by entering my game with names that no gammer would ever have - names that tell me the following:

they know what i work on.

they know that i got in a fight with a work mate. 

they know that i took sick days after that fight. 

they know who my friends are and seem to focus on my closest buddy from Canada. 

they know what games i am playing when i am playing it. 

they have resources and numbers - i have been changing my id and they let me know that it doesn't work. 

they decend on my game server or on anygame i am playing and they do it reliably. 

they know that i am contacting you.


  1. A prescription for some time outside enjoying the vitamin D garnered from the yellow orb in the sky may be in order for that gentleman.

  2. I don't think that would be quite enough...

    Perhaps something along the following lines: