Thursday, July 08, 2010

Not so Cool

Occasionally, and somewhat surprisingly that it doesn't happen more often, we have to deal with an angry individual who is not pleased to see us.

Whether they are threatening to kill us if they ever see us again (right before we come back to repossess their second vehicle that evening), or they are just generally abusive when we are making our enquiries - it isn't a particularly pleasant experience.

Of course, it would probably help to remember that it's not our fault they haven't paid their bills or whatever (although to hear them carry on you'd think that I was the former Camp Commander at Auschwitz or something).

Enter Mr Cool to illustrate this point.

Several years ago Mr Cool was renting a residential property in which there was a fire causing several tens of thousands of dollars damage. Mr Cool, as tenant, did not have insurance. Consequently, the property owner's insurance company was interested in speaking with Mr Cool about his liability and come to an arrangement regarding repayment.

Mr Cool, instead, thought that if he avoided any and all contact with the insurance company, maybe this would all go away.

Sadly, it didn't. Firstly, I was approached by the insurance company directly to locate the current whereabouts of Mr Cool. This was made somewhat more difficult given that Mr Cool seemed to be evading scrutiny and had minimised his activities that would otherwise generate the usual electronic leads as to his probable whereabouts.

Luckily I had some other sources and relatively easily located his current address, although gaining access would be problematic given that it was a secure building.

Secondly, I was tasked to discuss the matter with Mr Cool in person. Typically, they seek either an admission of liability (plus a repayment plan), a denial of liability with statement to the effect as to why, or otherwise I am to caution them that if they are not prepared to make a statement, the client would have no option but to pursue the matter through the Courts.

Fairly straightforward.

Well, when I finally got in contact with Mr Cool by phone he was livid. He shouted that the matter had already been to Court and he was found not to be liable - a lie, since I had the Court documents on me to serve on him if he would not co-operate. Then he screamed at me to go commit a sexual act upon myself with those very same documents.

Seriously, I was wondering if he was about to have a stroke.

Ever the consummate professional, I calmly asked Mr Cool if that meant he was denying all liability...?


I'll take that as a 'yes' then, shall I?

Well, Mr Cool, I look forward to serving you by way of firmly fixing the docs to your front door. Not my fault if all other tenants, not to mention passers-by, will thereby will be educated into what would have otherwise remained a private matter.

You can't take these things personally, Dear Reader. While Mr Cool is clearly a prize douche-bag, I can't hold that against him. I can only take comfort in the knowledge that I will have the last laugh.


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