Monday, August 09, 2010

INFOSEC and you

The weather here has been a bit cold and blustery lately, the latter contributing to a mess in the carpark of my office building. You see downstairs, in the car park, is a communal-use skip for all in the building to throw out their rubbish.

However, with the weather the way it has been, the carpark has been littered with loose papers flying around including bank statements, credit card information, and other personal and financial information regarding clients of several other businesses in this building.

Seriously bad form there, chaps!

Now I'm not out to compromise anyone's security, at least from my co-tenants (well, not unless someone's paying me to do so - and paying me well), but this really highlights the deplorable state of Information Security (INFOSEC) by many businesses, if not individuals.

Seriously consider what you are throwing out and what that information says about you, or your clients.

Dispose of sensitive information responsibly. Note - 'responsibly' does not mean throw it in a publicly accessible rubbish skip. At least without having having taken the minimal precaution of thoroughly shredding it first.


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