Saturday, August 07, 2010

More Bullshit: Tarot card readers used in missing persons case in Florida

A recent news article from the US reports how a former private investigator for the family of a missing toddler regularly consulted a team of tarot card readers for leads.

I guess this proves, if nothing else, that some PIs are just as gullible, naive, or retarded as their clients.

Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh, you say? What harm does it do if it beings peace and solace to the family, you ask?

Where do I start?

Firstly, it wastes time. The investigator's time (assuming he actually buys into the bullshit and isn't in on the scam himself), the police's time for having to trawl through those leads, and the family's time clinging to false hope.

Secondly, it's a waste of money and other resources. I'll take a wild guess that the PI isn't paying the tarot card readers out of his own pocket and is probably oncharging the costs to the family. That money could, no doubt, be better used by the family in other ways. And also, if the police did have to discount any 'leads' provided, they would have to commit manpower and resources to do so, diverting them from genuine lines of enquiry.

Thirdly, even if it did generate a possible, and plausible, lead - there is no trail of evidence to follow and no grounds for probable cause to obtain search or arrest warrants. Any leads generated are unsubstantiated allegations at best.

Lastly, it goes against everything a good investigator stands for: the pursuit of information through a systematic process of research, observation and discovery of facts. It does not rely on interpretation or assumption. Or guesses. The process of investigation is itself observable, quantifiable, and repeatable  - something that tarot card reading is not. I can virtually guarantee that if I place the same tarot cards down on a table in front of 10 different 'readers', I will get 10 different readings.

The article also states how these tarot card readers provided leads on other missing persons cases in Florida including that of Haleigh Cummings who disappeared in February 2009.

I'm wondering what valuable insight they offered considering Haleigh is still missing as of August 2010?

I think the results probably speak for themselves.


  1. Have a Google or YouTube search for "Sensing Bullshit" a great piece by a New Zealand comedian/journalist on the rubbish of the "Sensing Murder" series.

    Murders solved by the show? Nil.

    Money made for the network and production company? Millions I suspect

  2. Welcome back Gwynn.

    Actually, Ninox Television (the production company behind Sensing Murder) went into receivership in March 2009 so I'm suspecting those millions probably were siphoned off somewhere.

    Maybe their psychics can tell them where... except Ninox have no money to pay them.

  3. This sort of thing rates up there with remote sensing to try and generate a lead.
    While I understand that there are things that science does not fully understand yet (and that is mainly due to insufficient tools to measure and quantify), using any form of meta-physics to follow or find something is just bad professionalism.

  4. Yes, well, I've made my position on Remote Viewing clear on this blog. Check out the earlier entries on the "bullshit files"...