Thursday, August 19, 2010

One wedding, maybe a couple of funerals

Today is the Wedding Day of a good friend, and blog reader, Boy Valentine (not his real name).

Being the responsible type of upstanding individual that I am, I have been tasked with the important mission of getting the Groom and Best Man (Saul Danson) to the wedding on time and, presumably, in one piece.

I haven't told him yet that there's just one quick job we have to do on the way.

Seriously, what could possibly go wrong?


  1. I can see a Hollywood movie coming out of this. PI needs to get the groom to a wedding, just needs to swing by to check on a surveillance target quickly, car chase ensues, black helicopters, tin foil hat brigade intervenes, conspiracy theories abound

  2. Well, as of this morning, Saul still hasn't completed writing his speech so I figure I'll give him something worthwhile to talk about.

    I mean that's the swell kind of guy that I am, including my hapless buddies in on my adventures.

  3. The wedding went off without a hitch but you should have seen the look on the groom's face as I took a detour to do that quick job.