Friday, September 10, 2010

Okay, *now* I'm pissed!

So I survived the Zombie Apocalypse more or less intact, or so I thought.

Well, I thought wrong.

Yes, Dear Readers, I've gone from being the Hardy PI Survivor to homeless, unable to conduct business, and on temporary welfare assistance.


I left The Fortress the other morning to help out a few friends and was denied entry upon my return. Alas, The Fortress, is under threat of imminent destruction from the pending collapse of a neighbouring building, or so the Council Zombies are telling me.

Seriously, to be in any danger, the offending building would have to leap into the air about 100 feet, do a couple of backward somersaults, and come crashing down on my roof. As it is, there is another building between us. It's safer than the DMZ buffer between North and South Korea I'm telling you.

Apparently, being a Hardy PI Survivor doesn't make me a competent Structural Engineer but what the fuck do they know?

One week on I finally completed my first job - a doc serve worth less than $100 - but am unable to invoice it until I get access to the office again. Kind of ironic.

At least I've made alternative arrangements for the interim so I can actually do work, if I get any, for now. Hopefully the delay getting back into The Fortress won't be too much longer but the city council can't give me any indication as to what is happening regarding the demolition of the other building, or when even temporary access might be given to retrieve some items.

So far I've been told it may be anywhere between a few days and a few weeks.

I'm not a happy camper!

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