Sunday, December 05, 2010

(Not So) Anonymous Investigator caught out

It seems that I have been far too clever (or not enough) for my own good.

A client, Mr Standish (not his real name), received my report regarding a certain document service job. However, and by total coincidence, Mr Standish  is also a long-time reader of this very blog and put two and two together...

My identity, such as it is, has been compromised.

I am not as anonymous as I would like.


  1. So, does this mean the end of the blog, or will you continue?
    Would be a shame to see it disappear....

  2. Shit no! My identity couldn't be kept secret any worse than if I'd told it to Julian Assanage in complete confidence.

  3. Oh... this is just too funny for words... I read the related 'document service job' post. Too funny!

  4. Mr Standish recommends a good Pinot Noir, btw.