Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Tis the Season to be Cunty... tra la la la laaa la la la la...

Yep, it's that time again.

You know; to get drunk and smack your wives and children around, to commit acts of gross public intoxication, and to otherwise demonstrate that you are a lowly blight upon humanity.

While I didn't hear any bells jingling in the early hours, I certainly did hear a number of revelers brawling outside and, when going out to do a job first thing this morning, found the streets awash in broken glass and vomit.

Just your normal everyday Christmas then.

So, what's on the books this merry Christmas Eve then?

  1. Serve documents on Vincent who has been a very naughty boy this year.

    Looks like he's been trying to diddle his ex-wife out of a fair share of a substantial amount of assets she is entitled to and, in fact, paid for herself in some cases. Of course he *is* a lawyer so knows how to manipulate the system to gain maximum advantage. He made an arrangement to be served at his offices yesterday afternoon but, of course, he was lying and was not there. The staff told me that he had left already and was not expected back until next year. 

    Attended his address out of town this morning. He's there alright, but wouldn't come down to the door. I'll be back tonight, fucker!

  2. Repossess chattels from Mandy

    Ho, ho, ho! Just like Jolly Santa, but in reverse, I'm off to visit Mandy to take pretty much everything in her house: TV, washing machine, dryer, bedroom suite, computer, X-box and PS3 and other sundry items.

    Pay your bills, Mandy! Oh, and Merrrrry Christmas!

  3. Assorted other last minute crap

    Got a client who is being harassed by some neighbourhood individuals (a mother, her daughter and son) - his business has been broken into a number of times, other property has been vandalised, threats have been made and while Trespass Notices have been issued, the situation is escalating.

    And then I have some other last minute document serves and field visits to finish off so I can invoice them out and hopefully be paid sometime soon. Of course they'll all be using Christmas as an excuse not to pay me on time.
So that's pretty much it.

And thanks to any Christmas plans I had going out the window due to other unforeseen circumstances (yep, Christmas just isn't happening for this PI this year) I might as well revel in bringing misery to others.

Bah fucking humbug!

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