Monday, January 24, 2011

Effective marketing for 2011

Sadly, I very much doubt this was a genuine advert by Bentley, but it should have been. It says it all, and in droves.

And it makes me think about my own marketing plans for the coming year.

Any ideas? (I'm out...)


  1. I've always wondered how a PI markets themselves without losing the aura of discretion. It's not like you could do a big DVD drop of a classic film noir flick about a cheating spouse being tracked down by a PI... or you could

  2. Hey, actually that's kind of cool. I'll probably have to delete your post and say it was my idea all along or something...

    Another one I toyed with ages ago was a Tarot Card depicting "The Fool" with a message on the back along the lines of "Don't be played for one. Call XXXX"

  3. Trying to source 100-odd copies of 'The Maltese Falcon' at a reasonable price...

    Might have to start off smaller and see what the reaction is like.

  4. I like the Tarot Card one. Though I wonder how many people would call up hoping for a reading rather than your intended services.

    Could be a useful money spinner on the side though, they're all made up anyway