Tuesday, February 01, 2011

One Year On: A Contest - For Prizes*

That's right, Dear Reader, It's not stalking if you have a licence (INSIYHAL) has been around for one whole year this month and, to celebrate, why not have a contest for fun prizes?

What kind of contest you ask?

A haiku writing contest, naturally.

The topic is anything to do with (not) stalking, or otherwise private investigatory...

All entries in by 28 February 2011 either by email or posted in comments, below. To be eligible for a prize*, you'll have to at least provide some means of contact.

An example of a suitably-themed haiku might be:

Watching you sleep
through parted curtains.
Night breeze rustles.

So get to it and get those entries in. Judging commences 01 March, winner will be contacted shortly thereafter.

* May contain no actual prizes


  1. Radio chatter
    in my earpiece.
    Alpha One Foxtrot.

  2. Sheesh,

    I'm surprised the entries aren't just racing in...

  3. Looking for someone
    I can't find them anywhere
    I'm not very good.

  4. Your lips
    are so full.
    10x optical zoom.

  5. So? Who won this mother fucker?

  6. Due to unforseen circumstances and ongoing effects; the jury is still out.

    May have to rerun in future.