Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life not quite imitating art

"It's Laurie at the trailer park. A space opened up. Do you want me to save it or are the cops going to let you stay where you are?"

Well, it finally happened.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have moved into a 15' caravan, currently parked on the front lawn of my host, Manson.

Rockford Files or just rock bottom?

You will recall my previous musings - particularly where I mentioned I had derided Saul Danson for his choice in living arrangements for years. Now he greets me like a long-lost brother.

Oh, the humiliation.

Still, it makes more than living in a trailer to make one trailer trash. Doesn't it?

I've put in a desk and have set up my temporary office. It's not all that bad although I'd never admit it. Still, it's a far cry from Rockford's 50' trailer and it's probably not going to be a long-term arrangement.

Sorry Danson, I'm just not converted.


  1. Ha ... your house has wheels ...

  2. There always has to be one, doesn't there?

    Clearly, it's not my 'house' but temporary office which also came with a bed.

    See the difference?

  3. I'm afraid that, yes, all it takes is living in a trailer to make one trailer trash.

  4. I'm not living in a trailer, I'm sleeping in the office.