Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PI-noir fashion

Fellow investigator Thomas H. Humphries (that *is* his real name) of [FIND] Investigations is a man of the cloth.  A sartorial aficionado, not that other sort...

As such, he regularly posts on the topic of the 'sartorial sleuth' on his blog and a recent discussion on bow ties got me thinking.

What should the dapper PI about town be wearing?

Now I'm no fashionista and my own personal style might be politely termed 'rundown chic' (think of Peter Falk's Columbo if he'd been sleeping in his clothes a few days) but maybe I should start making an effort. After all, clothes maketh the man.

I'm still not going to wear a bow tie though.

So should I be swapping trenchcoat for some other form of attire or should I embrace the cliche and start wearing fedoras?

Actually, on a semi-related note, I took a colleague on a ride-along the other evening where we attended a couple of jobs that had the potential to get nasty. Luckily they didn't but afterwards, while driving back home he suggested that, from an occupational safety viewpoint, we really should be wearing body armour to some of these jobs.


So I've done some internet research and have decided to contact the folks at TurtleSkin regarding their Concealable Corrections Vest which provide protection against spike and edged weapon threats.

Not exactly the cutting edge of fashion but serves a purpose.


  1. And a pinhole camera, so you have video proof of any assaults!

  2. Yes, I've been mulling over wearable patrol-cams like this:

    It just makes sense, really.