Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A sneak peek into the high-risk, action-packed world of...


 ...Fraud Investigations? Seriously?

Well, it's reality TV so it must be true.

Please! It's even worse than Vinnie Parco's Parco PI show, which was fairly atrocious.

Wow. That looked real.

Now, not to tarnish Linda (aka 'The Fraud Dog') Webb's reputation - or professional judgement - but who was responsible for A) coming up with the idea; and, B) still going ahead with it after seeing the results, above?

With the admittedly limited experience I have had with fraud investigations, I would say that the greatest risk lies in getting paper-cuts from sifting through reams of documentation, eye strain from staring at computer screens for hours upon hours, or being driven to commit suicide because it's so fucking boring! In fact I was just recently involved in a complex fraud enquiry where one of my colleagues spent several hundred hours reconciling bank accounts.

Can you feel the adrenaline? No?

Neither could he. 

My favourite part of the trailer is the Confidential Informant's "This can't go any further than this or I can wind up dead" speech - in front of a camera that is taping a TV show, presumably for national release...

What could possibly go wrong?

Maybe I'm just pissed that I don't have a TV show*. It's all just sour grapes...

Lastly, thanks to Hal over at [Find] Investigations who alerted me to this travesty via his Twitter feed. You should follow him, he knows stuff. 

* If there are any TV producers out there reading this that are thinking of filming a Reality TV Series following around a deadbeat PI of dubious moral character and questionable ethics, email me. Will work for food.

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