Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I told me so...

I generally prefer meeting clients at either their place or, when that's not appropriate, at a cafe where there are discreet corner tables or booths so as to discuss their case without being overheard.

While I have recently organised a new office, shared with another PI, I don't want to give out this address to just any prospective client without knowing a bit more about them as  I will soon be living here as well.

I  certainly do not want too many people knowing where I live, for the obvious reasons, so will probably continue to meet clients in cafes and the like.

And so, today, I met Velma by arrangement at a quaint cafe by the seaside. By quaint I, of course, mean tired and run down which, I guess, really is just typical of this part of town. Time stood still here sometime in the mid-70s. My tea certainly tasted as if it were freshly brewed then. I didn't finish it.

Friday, September 02, 2011

The threat is in the mail

Well, Dear Reader, I've just received my very first threat of litigation.

Earlier this year, I commented on an online forum where another agency had posted a job offer. They, however, stipulated that to qualify for the position, the applicant would have to undertake a 3-day in-house training course at the cost of over $3000.00.

I questioned whether such an offer might not be seen as unethical. After all, if an employer wants their employees to work to a particular methodology, then they should be training their employees at their own expense. Also, how long would it reasonably take to recoup such an outlay?

Here is his response: