Monday, October 31, 2011

Full disclosure?

Here's something a little bit different; a question aimed at other private investigators out there.

When you are in a social setting and someone asks what it is you do, do you tell them you are a PI?

Recently, I have had several people comment to me that they would have thought I would not have disclosed my profession given it's secretive nature.

It's not like I'm some Nazi spy though, is it?

My previous point of view is that I saw social events, not that I get invited to many as I'm often misconstrued as being 'antisocial' or something, as an opportunity to 'network'. I sort of believed that with the more people I met who knew I was a PI, perhaps the more work I might pick up.

It's a numbers game, right?

Except it hasn't really worked out that way at all. I can't really say I recall ever having received a later enquiry from someone I briefly spoke to at a party or the like.

Now I'm starting to think perhaps the naysayers had it right. Maybe I shouldn't be telling anyone I am a PI at all and instead have some cover story in place.

So what do you do? Full disclosure or plausible deniability?


  1. I'd like you more if you were a Nazi spy.

  2. I'd probably like me more if I were a Nazi spy.

    Maybe I could be a Russian spy instead? The FBI have just released video footage of Anna Chapman and the ring going about their not-quite-nefarious business. I guess the Ruskis are a few short now that the ring has busted.

    That's okay Ivan, just put the money in a plain unmarked paper bag and slip it under the third cubicle door at the park toilets at 9pm tonight.

  3. You never know when one of your friends will know someone who needs your services, I'd say go for it. But then again, I work in PR where networks are everything. So I wouldn't construe anything I say as practical advice on any topic.

  4. Hi Gwynn,

    One of my 'friends' commented that he was surprised, even shocked, to hear one of his friends (who had dealings with me) say I was professional...

  5. The old "I'm an accountant" or "I work for the Government" is vague enough for most situations. It can be a good thing not to advertise what you really do...

  6. I normally stick with, "I'm a researcher"

    that normally kills of any desire to know more andI get to not have to cover off the endless stereo type questions.