Saturday, October 29, 2011

Show me the money

That's it, Dear Reader, I have finally had enough!

I have previously blogged about my frustrations with dealing with tyrekickers who just waste my increasingly precious time (and not endless patience),

Well, no more!

I have discussed the matter with a colleague who has recommended that I charge prospective clients for initial consultations. The charge is non-refundable and irrespective of whether they engage my services.

Marvellous idea! Yes, it may deter some potential clients, but I figure it will only deter those who aren't committed to their own cases and otherwise are penny-pinching tightwads.

Fuck 'em.


  1. So, re you the anonymous investigator, I know who you are....
    I know where you live.
    And i know what you did last summer!

    Check back later his name is Mr B...n

  2. Well now you will only get the rich crazies wasting your time at least.

  3. Well, I'd rather have a rich crazy than poor crazy waste my time. As long as I was getting paid, anyway.

    A colleague was telling me how had an enquiry from a woman who there were decent odds on being mad as a hatter but he took the view that there was a chance she wasn't although told her that if he did the work and she turned out to be crazy after all, not to bother calling him.

    So he installed $6000 worth of cameras and, sure enough, a month or so later she calls. He told her that as the cameras are working fine the occurrences could only be in her imagination after all and he'd already warned her not to call him if she were crazy. So he hung up.

    I think that's the attitude I need to adopt.