Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happiness is... a good notebook

I have to admit that I'm quite excited. I've found a local (well, at least in the same country) stockist for the Leuchtturm 1917 range of notebooks.

And that makes me happy!

Better yet, the range includes a Reporter Notepad - which I have just ordered. A kind of a 'Welcome to 2012' gift to myself.

As you may remember, Dear Reader, I previously confessed to having a bit of a notebook fetish. If it's in a black cover, I'm impelled to buy it even if I already have a number of unused notebooks lying around. I guess it's a bit like Mel Gibson's character in Conspiracy Theory with his thing for Catcher in the Rye.

However, I'm fairly sure I was never in the MKULTRA project and that I'm not being tracked by my purchases  by some shadowy goverment forces.


No, I just like good-quality notebooks. Particularly if they have certain features lacking in others.

Like individually numbered pages.

Again, this is something I've mentioned before, but numbered pages are important when a notebook may be presented for evidentiary purposes. Not that I have yet been called to give evidence in Court (actually I have, a number of times, but every time the Defendant either changed their plea or it was decided that I wasn't needed after all) but it is possible that I could be, and that my contemperaneous notes also be entered. And numbered pages prove, if nothing else, that no pages have been removed.

Other improvements over the Moleskine brand is that the paper is 80gsm rather than 72. Also, the binding appears to be more robust making the notebook more durable overall. The paper is supposedly 'ink resistant' so there should be no bleed-through and reduced feathering.


Well, I should get it in a week or so (damn public holidays) and will put it to immediate use, replacing the Moleskine Reporter that I am currently using. My biggest gripe with the Moleskine is that with every single Reporter I've used, eventually the cover detaches from the pages and I end up taping it together. With my current Reporter, that happened in about the second week of use.

So, something to look forward to. Starting on a new notebook always seems a bit of a momentous occasion. I'll even put up a review once I've had a chance to break it in.

And, again, please post your own notebook preferences or reviews.

Let 'Sophisticated but not Wanky' be our watchword!


  1. I think you need a good pen to go with this - a nice Cross or something... Again, sophisticated but not wanky...

  2. I have a LAMY Safari fountain which is pretty good although I've gone through quite a few of them over the years. This makes me a bit wary about purchasing an expensive pen - I'm bound to lose it eventually.

    Some years ago I saw the perfect pen for sale. It was sleek and elegant, black and devoid of any markings. It also appeared slightly curved like a Japanese katana.

    I have no idea what the brand was (and really wish I knew) but there was just no way I could justify close to $1000 for a pen.

    A pen I'd probably lose.