Thursday, March 22, 2012

A work in (actual) progress

A couple of months ago, in response to my being slightly underwhelmed by the Leuchtturm 1917, Anonymous (aka Chuck) provided a link to a blog post where he showcased his own custom-made 'perfect notebook'.

That link is here.

Since then, I have actually gone out and started the ball rolling on my own design with a prototype insert that should almost be done (I was told it was going to be ready today but never made it in to the printer's to check). Hopefully it won't need too much tweaking!

Next, I need to find a leatherworker and get a design for the cover.

I'll keep you updated as to how this project develops.

1 comment:

  1. API -

    Nice to see youre still working on your custom notebooks. Ive been using my system with few problems, and I fall a bit more in love with it everyday.
    I did, just today however, receive my first Leuchtturm1917 hardcover ruled reporters notebook - thanks to your recommendation. I haven't used it yet, though with the cover stickers and lightly larger size, it should fit seamlessly into my archival system. I purchased it because I was convinced that the lighter weight might make it even more attractive to carry and use. The trade off, of course, is that its a good deal flimsier than my leather and insert duo.
    Another reason to use it is to check out the "ink proof" paper, wonderful elastic page holder and numbered pages. We agree that numbered pages was a pretty serious weakness with my custom inserts, but as soon as you attempt to order anything except the same page printed identically, the cost more than doubles.
    I wanted to ask about your inert, would it be helpful and legally binding in addition to page numbers, if each book had a statement about the true and correct nature of each log entry and have a spot for a notary. Would that authenticate the contents?

    Keep up the great work, love the site!