Friday, May 04, 2012

It's not Begging if you have a Corporate Sponsor

Seriously, I have had better days! However, today not being one of them, I managed to drop my BlackBerry and, for the second time, fractured the reactive touchscreen. While the LCD itself is fine, the cracks are noticeable and also I get that horrible 'raspy' feeling when typing onscreen as my skin moves over the broken glass.


I'm not going to bother sending it in to be fixed as, last time, it took a couple of months and it came back odd with bits of black plastic sticking out and generally just not feeling 'right'.

I need a new phone.

Of course this had to happen at a time when, faced with fiscal difficulties, other much needed things have had to wait.

And I have to say that I've not had a lot of luck with BlackBerries in general either. The replacement I purchased, albeit second-hand, when I sent my current one in to be fixed last time died unceremoniously and without warning.

The one before that couldn't connect to the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) and was unfortunately lost before it could be returned.   

See a pattern here?


Now, if BlackBerry played their cards right, there could be an awesome opportunity for them to 'sponsor' a certain "cliche-ridden, down-on-his-luck Private Eye trying to make good in the Bad City".


I had a look at their corporate sponsorship page and I almost qualify: I'm certainly the next closest thing to a Non-Profit Organisation; although certainly not for a lack of trying on my part.

It's not like other bloggers don't get given swags of gear or services, right?

So how about it, BlackBerry?

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