Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Year in Review: Poll Results

No doubt, Dear Reader, you are awaiting (with breathless anticipation) the results of the poll regarding which, if any, of my 2012 New Year's resolutions I have so far achieved.

It's not like I've not had the time, right?

So, with 2012 halfway through, have I:

  • Started wearing hats?
  • Got my super awesome Stripper Girlfriend (with a Heart-of-Gold)?
  • Developed a fondness for the bottle?
  • Found my spunky, plucky, Assistant?
  • Been foiled at every turn by my new Arch Nemesis?

Poll results as follows:

  6 (54%)
Stripper Girlfriend
  2 (18%)
  1 (9%)
Plucky Assistant
  1 (9%)
  1 (9%)
None of the above
  3 (27%)

Well, the 27% of you who chose 'none' are right! I am such a slacker. I mean, how hard is it to even buy a hat?

I still have 6 months though... Don't write me off just yet.

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