Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Day in this PI's Life...

Hello again, Dear Readers. While awaiting your emails, I've been perusing the blogs of other investigators and have stolen appropriated the idea of showing what the average day is like for this gumshoe at least.

It bears no resemblance to that of Thomas H Humphries of [FIND] Investigations who is already on his 5th cup of coffee by the time I've gotten around to checking my mail.

So here is how my day usually pans out:

0700hrs - Turn off alarm.

0900hrs - Get up. Maybe. Check emails and sigh a lot. Check bank balance online in case someone has paid me. Sigh some more when, invariably, they haven't.

1030hrs - First coffee of the day. Talk shit with the girls at the cafe.
1100hrs - Clear mail from postbox. Take any envelopes containing files or work. Double check postbox to see if there are any envelopes with cheques from clients. Sigh when there aren't. Leave bills in postbox, unopened, for 'later'.
1115hrs - Serve any documents or make any field visits I may have for central city or swear any Affidavits that need to be done.
1200hrs - Lunch. Second coffee for the day.
1300hrs - Conduct more field visits/area enquiries/investigations/document serves where appropriate.
1530hrs -  Coffee, maybe. Return to base to avoid afternoon traffic. Ideally will use time to write reports and send invoices but more than likely will lie on couch and read a book.
1800hrs - Dinner.
1830hrs - Conduct more field visits/area enquiries/investigations/document serves as I have them.
2100hrs If not already done, return to base. Send reports and invoice out any completed jobs. Watch some late-night TV and despair. Maybe write something on this blog. Hatch brilliant, if misguided, plans that never quite seem to work out. Watch a movie or do some reading. Spend some unproductive time on the computer.
0300hrs - Bed.
Actually, I'm not too sure if this is a true representation of an average day. Everything really depends on the amount and type of work I have. In insurance claims investigation cases I'll usually have scheduled appointments with the claimants so my mornings might not be quite as uneventful as above. Same with surveillance where often I'll be out of bed by 0500hrs. 

It might be fairer to say that the above representation is typical of when I don't have anything too exciting on apart from the bread-and-butter work I receive from a couple of out-of-town companies I subcontract to.

And then there are the days where there is very little to do or, truth be told, I just can't be arsed. Hell, we all have those days, right?


  1. "Hell, we all have those days, right?"

    You more than most.

  2. Keep on smiling. The big bad city isn't so bad...

    1. Getting work isn't usually the problem. Getting paid is.

  3. You need to have a reality TV show based around your life, it would much better than the other reality crap on TV.