Monday, September 24, 2012

Poll: The X-mas Party Woes

It's almost that time, Dear Reader, when you'll hear those jingle bells and the sounds of sex in the supply cupboard.

Yes, the office Christmas Party is only a couple of months away!

Now I have mentioned this in passing earlier, I think, but I have never received an invite to any Christmas function put on by any Client (such as law firm etc) who routinely invite contractors, vendors, suppliers and the like.

Not once!

As much as I hate Christmas (which is a lot) it would be nice to be invited. Kind of hard not to take it personally since it is, in fact, quite personal. They obviously don't want me to be there but they've invited some retard who installed wiring or the phone system.

Is it just me or am I not alone?

So, the poll is open on the right. Contractors, particularly PIs, do you get invited to the end-of-year parties thrown by your Clients that you provide ongoing services to?

Curious to find out.

PS: It would be also useful if you could quickly post a comment on whether you are a PI or some other kind of self-employed contractor...

1 comment:

  1. Okay, so far I see it isn't just me shut out from those Christmas shennanigans.

    But I'll reserve judgement until we hear from some others who - no doubt - are busy opening all their invites.