Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Still More Bullshit: NZ Psychics Bat Zero. Again.

New Zealand police have confirmed acting on information provided by a couple of charlatans psychics from the now-defunct Sensing Murder show in relation to a 35 year-old mystery.

Aparantly the husband of Lesley Calvert, who had been living under a cloud of suspicion for the last 33 years since the body of his wife was found on their remote farm, contacted the producers of the show to 'clear his name'.

Well, I guess there's no fool like an old (and desperate) fool and the frauds psychics had given police a description of the offender who still lived in the area, his occupation, and even what vehicle he was driving.

As a result of the re-examination of the case, Detective Senior Sergeant Grant Coward of the New Plymouth CIB had this to say:

"A number of further inquiries were made but as a result of those there was nothing further gained that would add evidential weight to the inquiry."

Or, in other words, a complete fucking waste of time and resources.

Well, it's not the first time the folk at Sensing Murder have failed to solve a crime. In fact their track record, over the four years the programme aired, stands at zero.

! ZERO !

Actually, you might even consider the score to be in the negatives as earlier in 2012 the body of Jane Furlong was found at a beach in Port Waikato. The Furlong case had been covered in Sensing Murder in 2007 where the fabricators psychics stated the body was either in the Auckland Domain or a demolition site, also in Auckland, some 90-plus km away.

For more information on Sensing Murder check out this skeptical site.

Also, on a related note, an Australian con-artist psychic who featured prominantly on Sensing Murder, Deb Webber, was caught out by an Australian current affairs programme speaking with dead people that never even existed (about halfway through the video below).

Liar Psychic Deb also courted some controversy in the past in regards to her 'prediction' of the February 2011 earthquake in Christchurch and, before that, claiming to know the whereabouts of missing toddler Aisling Symes in 2009. Deb 'sensed' Aisling was in a ditch in West Aucland but her body was subsequently found in a drain.

Nevertheless, Deb and her ilk continue to prey on people's fears and insecurities and, no doubt, make a pretty dollar doing so (just check out her schedule of upcoming workshops and tours). Supposedly she even has a five-year waiting list for her email readings...

Five years? How hard is it to just make shit up?

Or is she deliberately inflating her popularity and demand in order charge a premium? Perhaps there is something I can learn from her after all...

Nope, it appears I'm not morally bankrupt.


  1. i believe that the whole show is a setup, and i believe they should not be allowed to ask us to trust their claim that the psychics have been given no information, i believe they are told what to say and that they read out tyhe known facts and most likely suspects
    i think they should be taken to court because i feel hurt by their lies and its not right making people thik that psychics are crime sensers when really its nonsense. someone from the inside needs to come clean

    1. What is worse is that these 'psychics' continue to flourish and prosper, often with their unsubstantiated claims of "assisting police" lending them credibility to the already gullible.

    2. Dont know how i got here but LOSERRRRR!!! Who cares if they're wrong or right. Someone's not happy in his own little mind that he has to let dumb shit get to you to even make this dumb page. to much time on your hands, get a LIFE!! Seriously..

    3. Thank you for your articulate and well-reasoned comment.

      I appreciate the time you took out from your no-doubt hectic schedule and apologise that you let some dumb shit get to you that you felt the strong need to comment.


    4. I'd much rather watch Sensing Murder where psychics try to make a difference to peoples' lives than read your toxic column. You will never find evidence of paranormal with such a closed mind. Likewise, it is difficult for police to find new evidence on cold cases that occurred decades ago. Nevertheless, it has provided loved ones with confirmation of their instincts. Who cares what skeptics such as yourself think?

    5. Well, at a guess, you care otherwise you wouldn't have bothered posting.

      I see no need to apologise for calling a fraud a fraud. I have an entirely open mind on the matter - happy to change my position when convinced, by evidence, I am wrong.

      BY EVIDENCE. Of which there is none.

    Stalin set Wolf Messing’s psychic tests.
    The first was to go into a bank and will the teller to hand him money- which he did with security guards witnessing Messing’s spectacular psychic gift. The psychic's 'theft' was an absolute success.
    Then Stalin challenged Messing to leave the secured building where he was without getting stopped by Stalin's security. But Messing had the powerful paranormal gift of sending thoughts to those around him to see him as the Chief of Security Beria (at the time on good terms with Stalin); he successfully passed through three levels of security. Naturally Stalin accepted Messing's talents.

    In Vienna Wolf Messing met Sigmund Freud, who also tested him. Freud was amazed at the results. It took place in Albert Einstein's apartment. Freud gave Messing a mental command. In Messing's own words: "To this day I still remember Freud's mental command. Go to the bathroom cupboard and pick up some tweezers. Return to Albert Einstein and pull out from his luxuriant moustache three hairs." Messing did as he was mentally directed. Years later, when speaking of the incident, Freud concluded: "If I had my life to live over again, I would devote it to Psychic Research."

    1. ...allegedly.

      That's the word you were missing.

    2. Messing could have done it the same way modern magicians do these sorts of tricks, insiders on Stalin's security team maybe? you never know ...