Thursday, September 13, 2012

TV shows about PIs: Tricky Business

If you can't be a plucky-but-determined PI in the Big Bad City in real life, watching the fictional exploits of one on TV is the next best thing. Well, next best after reading this blog, that is.

Imagine my surprise to learn that Australia's Channel Nine has a brand new series about that very thing. "Awesome" I said to myself.

Except that it was anything but awesome. Here is a preview:

What did I just see?

Where are the car chases, explosions, helicopters, gunfights (okay, this is Australia where they actually have gun laws) and the other usual ingredients of a PI show?

Noooo. It's about 'love' and 'family' and other stuff no-one wants to watch. It's like an episode of Neighbours mixed in with Packed to the Rafters and/or McLeod's Daughters (except in this case the main character is a PI).

All of which are crap shows.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against a female lead, if that's what you are thinking. Veronica Mars was decent enough...

But this?

I'd rather watch Fraud Dog.


  1. Sounds ghastly!

    1. No more ghastly than following the trials and tribulations of Romeo and Indi down in Summer Bay.

      Which is to say A LOT!!!

      (Oh, Home and Away is my secret shame)

  2. It was ghastly, watched first fifteen minutes and then turned it off. It was, is and forever will be total crap.

    Veronica Mars was an excellent show, minus the last season that was dumb.

  3. I had been planning on watching it to see how good or bad it would be. Might give it a miss now..

  4. Had a look at this. I'm sorry but ghastly is too kind...