Sunday, November 11, 2012

Liberty County settles lawsuit...

 ...Angels remain conspicuously silent on matter, however.

You may recall my post earlier this year regarding the swift action undertaken by the esteemed Liberty County's Sheriff's Office after receiving a hot tip from psychic 'Angel' (who in turn had received the news directly from Sweet Baby Jesus and the 32 Angels at His side) about the mass grave under the house of Joe Bankson and Gena Charlton.

Except, of course, no bodies were subsequently found.

Well, it seems that the good news is that Liberty County has settled the lawsuit, paying Bankson and Charlton $15,000 each to make the matter disappear.

A bit like all those alleged corpses.

Now just the news corporations and, of course, psychic 'Angel' to go...

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  1. Not the fuckton I was hoping for, but better than nothing.