Saturday, November 17, 2012

PIs on TV: Vincent Gallagher

An underrated British series that only ran for two seasons, from 2005-2006 (only 4 episodes per season), and starred Ray Winstone as the titular Vincent, ex-plod-turned-PI.

Vincent certainly had his share of personal problems that frequently would get in the way of the smooth resolution of cases, and it could be said that he lacked a certain amount of discretion when it came to his ex-wife, Cathy.

For all his strengths, Vincent was a flawed man but he had a stalwart group of investigators and aides with which to work with. No man is an island, and all that!

And, of course, there was Suranne Jones as his capable and long-suffering Girl Friday, Beth...

I'm surprised any work was able to be done around the office at all, quite frankly!

If you haven't caught this series, I fully recommend getting it on DVD. It certainly is one of my favourites of the relatively recent PI series aired.

Here is a short clip where Vincent takes a 'hands-on' approach to problem-solving:


  1. Try 'Terriers', aired back in late 2010 in the USA. Very good who, but only lasted one season because network people are stupid.

    1. Yep, I caught that series a while back after learning of it on some best-TV-shows-you've-never-heard-of list.

      I really enjoyed the quirky pairing of former cop (Donal Logue) and best buddy, the former crook (Michael Raymond-James).

      Seriously, how could that series NOT be picked up for another season?

    2. Stupid ratings system that the networks use. So many good or half way decent shows get canceled because of a flawed system.

      While not a PI show, Life, which has Donal Logue in its 2nd and final season, is also good watching. Has Damien Lewis, of Band of Brothers and Homeland fame, playing an odd detective.

      For a really strange somewhat PI show try The Finder. Only lasted a season and had its moments. It is a spin-off of Bones.