Thursday, November 08, 2012

Timing is everything

Well, rather than just sit there and bemoan my recent rejection, I went out and made a few phone calls to try and drum up some criminal defence work from a few Barristers that are frequently in the news.

Luckily that I did because one fetching young Barrister said that she was just thinking of looking for an investigator in regards to her latest Client.

So I now have a coffee appointment tomorrow to discuss the case.

Timing really *is* everything!

PS: Some of you might recall a brief mention earlier that I might have been assisting in a criminal defence case concerning a homicide. While I still hope that is going to be the case, I have not heard anything since and given that the date for the matter to be heard in Court fast approaches, am feeling somewhat doubtful.

Maybe next time.

Never fear, I feel this case may be somewhat salacious - I believe it is a sexual crime of some sort.

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