Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Where are they now? Sarah Nichols

No doubt I'll be accused of exhibiting Tall Poppy Syndrome in the face of success by others but self-aggrandisement, particularly by certain types of people, really annoys the fuck out of me.

What types?

Those like Sarah Nichols, who you might recall from just over a year ago.

To refresh your memory, Sarah is a property developer and Principal of Submarine Property Investments - whose modus operandi was setting up investments in property without having any actual cash.

Despite glossy pics in magazines alluding to accumulated wealth and business savvy, Sarah was being hounded by her bank who wanted their actual cash back - Sarah was significantly overdrawn to the tune of hundreds of thousands of actual dollars - and had not seen any kind of payment into her accounts in months.  

It seemed that Sarah's caviar and champagne lifestyle was not sustainable with her business model.

Well, the other day I was idly leafing through a magazine while waiting for my Thai takeaway when who do I spy gracing the front cover sporting a fashionably chic look while maintaining a smug expression of haughty superiority?


And of course there was the two page article inside where Sarah, described as a "self-made entrepreneur", tells of her rags-to-riches story and gushes enthusiastically about her passion and drive to provide "educated decisions resulting in successful outcomes" for her clients.

No mention of pretending not to be home when the guy with Court documents turns up on your door though.

Must be one of those secret strategies Sarah only divulges to her paying Clients.


  1. I was wondering what happened to Ms Nichols...glad to see you are still kicking around :)

    1. Kicking. Death throes. Hard to tell the difference sometimes.

      As for Mrs Nichols, no doubt she's sipping champers, enjoying foie gras and beluga caviar, all on her bank's tab.

      She's a survivor!