Friday, January 18, 2013

Why so ronery?

An encounter with Mrs Kim Jung Il (might not be her real name but it fits) has really managed to piss me off today.


She was given my details from the Family Court in regards to serving her divorce papers. So far so good. I agreed to come pick them up in person, something I usually do, and she wanted to meet right away in a part of Bad City that wasn't all that close to my current location.

No problem, I said. I'll make my way there forthwith.

Wish I never bothered!

Firstly, she didn't have the money on her. It's a set-fee for service, under $100, and with that you get up to three attempts at the nominated address as well as the return of the sworn Affidavit.

But I get payment up front.

No, she wanted to pay me half now, half later. I'm nothing if not responsive to a Client's needs, so agreed to this.

Next, she didn't have a photograph of her soon-to-be-ex-husband. The Family Court likes to be a little different so stipulates that a photograph be supplied in case the Respondent declines to sign the Acknowledgement of Service or otherwise denies they are the said Party, so that service can still be achieved.

Okay, no problem, I said. We can work on the hope that he will sign the Acknowledgement and think of something else if he doesn't.

Next, she wanted me to make the first service attempt at a specific day and time. I said I would try my best but I couldn't necessarily guarantee an attempt at that particular time because I had other appointments that might run on longer than anticipated.

As it turned out, I was delayed at an insurance investigation on the other side of Bad City and couldn't attend as was hoped. However, I served on the first attempt the next day (and managed to get him to sign the Acknowledgement without issue) and then promptly had the Affidavit sworn.

Now she wanted me to personally deliver the Affidavit to her (normally I would post it) and made an arrangement to meet in town. Last minute, she decides that I have to come to her at another out-of-the-way location.

I explain that this isn't exactly convenient for me, to which Mrs Il complained that:

  • My fee is too expensive and as I served him on first attempt I should charge less (forgetting all the extra running-around that I did)
  • I broke my 'promise' to her  (presumably that I didn't serve him at the date/time she wished)
  • I'm only thinking about myself and not about her (WTF?)
We finally agree to meet at the Family Court the following morning. Today, actually.

Naturally, the first thing she said to me was again that my fee was too high. Through gritted teeth I explained, again, how the set-fee worked and that while, yes, I managed to serve him the first time on this instance it wasn't guaranteed and that when all the running around was taken into consideration, I spent almost 2 hours on a job whose set-fee was less than 1 hour's billable time.

I still don't think she got it.

In the end I put the sworn Affidavit down in front of her while she was still going on about the cost, told her not to worry about it and walked out.

Life is far too short!

Despite her previous whining about how hard-done by she was by her ex-husband, I now fully empathised with him. He was nothing but polite when I served him and, in fact, stated how he'd wished to do this earlier but without an address or contact details of his ex, found it too difficult.

Mrs Kim Jong Il, you are an utter cunt of a woman!

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