Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Coming right up after this message from our Sponsors*...

Not really a shameless product placement (yet) - just a heads-up that I recently ordered a copy of Becnel & Krischke's "Principles of Investigative Documentation" and it's shipped.

Looking forward to getting this and will post a review as soon as I can.

But while you are waiting, check out the review from Diligentia. You might note that I posted a comment back in early 2012 but have only purchased the book now. What gives?

Actually, I totally forgot the name of the book and where I'd read the review.

I'm good, not fucking perfect!

* Still looking for those elusive sponsor-types who might want to shower me with gadgets and books for review, in-the-field testing, or otherwise because it's my birthday and/or I'm just awesome. Make that Awesome! With a capital A. And it's not my birthday, but it could be. So if you would like to be equally as Awesome, flick me an email

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