Friday, April 05, 2013

An improbable tale from Mr Moon

You may have heard of the apocryphal "black dog" story, Dear Reader, where some schmuck provides the unlikley explanation that the vehicle accident he was involved in was the result of having to swerve to avoid some stray animal on the road (in this case that pesky black dog).

Well, I never really believed that people actually would try this exceptionally lame-sounding excuse out.

Until now.

Actually, I am being completely unfair because the schmuck in question, one Mr Moon*, has yet to provide a formal statement to me regarding the incident. It would seem that he is going out of his way not to provide a statement at all; conveniently forgetting one appointment, then proving somewhat elusive and non-committal in regards to making another.

Once I pinned him down to a definitive date he seemed entirely disinterested in providing any statement whatsoever after I arrived - which was the whole reason I was there - and then said he wanted a copy of all the disclosure forms to run past his lawyer before speaking to me.

Okay. No problem there, I said.

It would appear Mr Moon is running a little scared. It might be because he was not quite telling the truth in regards to the accident and is feeling the pressure of an impending prosecution for fraud (since he'd been paid out by the insurer). What Mr Moon doesn't know is that there has been an informant - someone supposedly dissatisfied with his boasting about how easy it is to rip off insurance companies - who has sent in an anonymous letter outlining what they state was the true sequence of events.   

What a douche!

And, you see, the thing is that everyone in the industry knows that "I swerved to avoid a black dog on the road" is codespeak for "I was incredibly shitfaced on pills and booze and driving while receiving oral sexual gratification from a midget transexual prostitute". 

Yup. We know, Mr Moon, we know.

* Not his real name, obviously.

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