Thursday, April 04, 2013

In the the new, out with the old...

So, Dear Reader, you might recall I was feeling a little hurt because I had been described as 'rough-looking'... Well, turns out he might have been right!

You see, one of my favourite pieces of kit is my 5.11 Tactical Covert Vest which allows me to cram all kinds of toys tools into its myriad pockets.

The problem is that this has been my favourite piece of kit for almost 8 years and it was starting to look decidedly shabby. Worse, holes were appearing and things had a tendency to just fall out.

Um, yeah, I really was that rough-looking guy.

Well, not any more. No, I've purchased a replacement and it arrived yesterday.


Except that they've gone ahead and swapped the left- and right-side pockets... Why? Well, in either case, I'm just happy to be all smooth and sophisticated again in my pristine vest.

Looking like a boss!

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