Saturday, May 11, 2013

Psychic dead wrong. Again.

So it's all the news at the moment that 'Spiritual Teacher and Psychic' Sylvia Browne wrongly predicted that Amanda Berry was dead, back in 2004, on a US TV show.

Browne's comment in regards to the recent events?

"Only God is right all the time."

Good point, Sylvia. Well, if you can't be right ALL the time, just how many times can you be?

Apparently never.

Back in 2010, Skeptical Enquirer looked at Browne's history of predictions made on the Montel Williams Show - all 115 of them - and (possibly unsurprisingly) found that twenty five have since been proven false while the remaining ninety had 'non-confirmed' outcomes.

Non-confirmed meaning that the crime either remains unsolved, or there were no other details available. 

Browne, herself, estimates a 87-90% success rate on cold cases.

Hmmmm, you don't say? Shouldn't be too hard to prove then?


Apparently it is. 

I wonder whether her recent failure will reduce demand for her services, such as her phone readings priced at a modest US$550 (normally $850)? Not bad for 20-30 minutes work.

However, I suspect that her coterie - who pay regular fees for the privilege - will rally around her and rationalise the debacle in some way. Perhaps evils spirits were to blame?    

No, that can't be it, as it says on their website:
Unlike some pseudo-psychics who tell people that their problems are caused by curses, evil entities, demons, or karmic retribution neither Sylvia nor Chris will blame the negative occurrences on your life on these things, and each of them feel it is important to advise their clients to not believe in such things. They do not exist.
Good advice, Sylvia, but I think your problems are caused by the fact that you are a greedy, lying, manipulative, bitch profiting from misery and tragedy. Or, as others have succinctly put it; a grief-vampire.

I also note Browne was convicted on charges of investment fraud and grand theft from a swindle in 1992 where securities had been sold under false pretenses, in a gold mining venture.

I guess she just moved from one type of scam to a more lucrative one.

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