Saturday, June 15, 2013

Don't Ask

Well, Dear Reader, just when I thought things couldn't get much worse, they took a turn for the predictable.

Have I mentioned how much I hate tyre-kickers and timewasters?

I think I might have. Once or twice.

Enter Hazel, not her real name. Actually I have no idea what her name is at the moment, it has changed twice already in our communications.

Hazel is trying to pump me for advice and information under the guise of being a 'potential client'. Except that I know there will never be any work and, more importantly, dollars coming my way from the elusive and mysterious Hazel.

For a start, she is shy on providing any context to her enquiries. I can understand not wanting to provide too many details in the initial stages of finding an investigator - but she hasn't addressed what the purpose of the proposed investigation is, what sort of information she is trying to obtain, or even where she fits in.

Instead, I get questions like what kind of keylogging software won't get flagged by anti-virus software and is it possible to eavesdrop on conversations inside a house without entering it?

Hazel doesn't appear to be concerned about the legality of such actions (in general, they're not) - just wants the information to help her achieve her mysterious goals.

None of the usual questions such as costs or rates for investigative services which, in itself, is fairly much a dead giveaway right there. Everyone, even the 'money no object' brigade, wants a ballpark figure. That makes me confident that Hazel is kind of a do-it-yourself girl who wants some technical information to help her out.

Any why do something yourself instead of paying a professional?

Lack of money, maybe?

Well, Hazel has finished off with expressing a desire to speak with me further in regards to 'options'. I've responded by stating that I want to meet her in person if she wants any further advice.

I reckon I can get a coffee and a meal out of Hazel at the very least.

Time to get something out of people wasting my time.


  1. "Its not stalking if you have a license"?
    ...and that is part of the problem!

    Hazel is not the only one out there wasting peoples time my friend.

    Recently, I had a gentleman call me claiming an interest in my professional services. This man had a long story about several projects designed to get my professional attention and hopes up for new business. He initially kept me on the phone for 20 minutes or so, provided a phone/text number + email then kept me in dialogue for several more weeks while he made and broke several appointments to meet in person.

    It was all a LIE! This PI was hired by a crazy-ex-girlfriend who had convinced a Judge through extraordinary lies to serve a TRO on me.
    (Good news, despite his best effort this PI was not able to serve me
    and I made time to collect my thoughts, finances and hire an attorney to accept said TRO/OSC on my terms to rid myself of the offending-ex)

    But, not before it got even worse!? Said PI hired a "professional make-up artist" to serve the a for mentioned TRO on his behalf. She, under penalty of perjury, declared to a Judge that she positively identified me before I somehow escaped her service when she was allegedly only 18" away (within arms reach)... The man she saw was likely a guy who looks much like me (absolute truth!) with a vehicle exactly like mine that works in the same building as I do!? Indeed yes, the make-up artist turned process server MIS-ID'd me and declared to the court otherwise.
    (In her defense, I believe it was an honest mistake but, her best effort (being a NON-PRO) was not good enough and caused more pain and suffering on an innocent victim!)

    That said, I find myself curious about how many of those 6,000 hrs of instruction and 150 test questions are dedicated to Ethics, Honor, Scruples and basic ID training for the hired help.
    It seems to me that PI's have no obligation to fact check their clients allegations, they appear rather ready to simply point and shoot so-to-speak with full confidence of no legal or moral repercussions for their actual stalking and harassment.

    Think about how extraordinary it is for an individual to call a PI, slap down some cash with a plausible "story" and hire some legal stalking, harassment, background checks and beyond... Talk about a severe invasion of privacy and a complete waste of time (!) with literally no authority to prevent anyone from using a PI as an aggressive, unwitting dupe in an un-holy scheme to harm an innocent individual who has been living a nightmare since this started thanks, in part, to a PI much like yourself...

    Perhaps it is a matter of Karma?

    Care to hazard a response?

    1. I can only surmise, from your post, that the PI in question was only hired to serve the TRO on you. There is no necessity for a PI to 'check facts' as their role is nothing more than a conduit for delivery. Any disputed facts can be addressed at the hearing, which you appear hell-bent to avoid.

      As to why the PI went to the lengths that he did, I have no idea. He may have only been given limited contact details for you (or none) hence the pretext calls - although they seem to have served no purpose as he never followed through with a meeting.

      And why he utilised another party to attempt service of the documents, I also have no idea. Maybe he was told you were evading service and thought a pretty face would get the job done more easily.

      As to your other complaint, I see you have left another comment on that topic elsewhere so I shall answer you there...

  2. A quick update: there has been no response from Hazel whatsoever.

    Which was expected although annoying nonetheless.

  3. Glad to see you are paying attention...

    FYI: It is NOT a crime or illegal to avoid service.

    The first step for a "crazy ex" bent on using unwitting dupes to further a
    dark cause is to shop for the "right" attorney. In my case she found an old, unattractive, unsuccessful, short, angry man working out of his second bedroom and a P O Box in Santa Rosa, Ca. My crazy-ex is petite,
    cute and makes a living in "SALES"; this attorney was easy to manipulate.

    Next step "manufacture evidence/false police report" and cry fear to a Judge...then send in the clowns... Sheriffs, Police, PI's, process servers & make-up artists to legally stalk, harass and do background checks...

    All this goes on while the "crazy ex" simultainiously stalks and harasses
    me (yes, follows me in her car/witness) under the guise of collecting info for the a for mentioned PI. This scenario describes precisely what is happening to me right now today (6-20-13) as we write.

    Thats right! She seeks a stay away order on me while personally stalking/harassing me in the process.

    Talk about the ultimate waste of time, money and city resources.
    (Sadly, she recently won $350K from her poor ex-husband in divorce)
    Women like this can be very dangerous and get away with this crap
    using guys like you to assist in their legal stalking & Harassment.

    I say to you Sir, stop complaining about a few "tire kickers" like Hazel and take a good solid look at your own participation in this process.
    "Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself" Stevie Ray Vaughn?

    I imagine that you have made many, many (many) lives entirely miserable without caring to know the facts or truth about who your clients are or their true motivations.

    The only stop check in this process is a Judge! ...and that will set a regular guy back oh $10-$40K to beat the rap... and then there is NO
    garauntee of any financial recompense or even an apology from the offender.
    I will most assuredly get out of this mess but, not before my losses get into the mid five figures... All for what?

    I think you shpuld give free advise and stop whining about the "Hazels" out there; you Sir have likely wasted more peoples time and lifes blood that a hundred Hazels kicking your tires..

    Think about it.

    1. Firstly, *I* don't make someone's life miserable - their own actions and choices have done that for them.

      Yes, your ex sounds like a nutcase. What due diligence did *you* do before you became involved with her?

      So you feel you are being harassed. Do something about it. If you feel that the 'facts' are wrong, you have legal avenues to pursue where you can present *your* side.

      Or you can just continue to blame everyone else for the situation you are in; your ex, the police, private investigators, judges...

      And you know that makes *you* sound a little crazy, right?

  4. And just when I thought you were paying attention... tisk, tisk.

    Blame? lol ...Indeed not my good fellow. I merely point the finger where it squarely belongs... Oh my yes. You might say that "I call em as I see em". If (if) you had been paying attention, you would find that I surely am taking the battle to mine enemy through a Judge with my own attorney (speaking of due diligence) and I shall emerge victorious eventually but, at what cost of time & money...

    "You" most certainly do make many lives miserable around you Sir.
    You have chosen a profession not unlike that of a gun fighter in 1850.
    Whoever pays you to point & shoot, you'll work for. No need to concern yourself with ethics, morals, truth or real motivation of your client(s).
    The questionable motivations gone unchecked by guys like you lead
    to the downfall of many who are not in a position to do battle as I am.

    Your profession seems to welcome all who have cash and a version of a clean story. A "story" that fits nicely within your personal criteria whatever that may be.I imagine you draw the line with some neat little code that sounds good in polite company "men looking for info on women", (in the course of doing their due diligence) perhaps.

    You likely cannot possibly imagine that women can be extraordinarily abusive (CRAZY) no matter what due diligence has been undertaken.
    Most see only men as abusers but, abusive women are going entirely unnoticed and are free to move farther, faster and uglier because they
    know that no-one will believe the guy could possibly be the victim.

    You cant hide behind the veil of Anonymous PI, I know who you are and you likely know who this is by now, if you're smart... After I have vanquished my nemesis, I shall swing back around to you and reveal more details in a more civilized public forum such as this...

    Mamma says: "Crazy is as Crazy does"

    1. You seem to have no real idea as to what we do or how we do it.

      Most often, at least in domestic situations, we are engaged to ascertain the veracity of a claim or allegation - ie 'I think my husband is having an affair...' etc.

      Through the course of the investigation, our findings will either support that allegation, or not.

      If the Client has made wild and spurious claims in regards to the Subject, the ensuing investigation is unlikely to produce any evidence in support.

      Most of the work I do is commercial and the same generally applies there.

      Lastly, I have no idea who you are but you are clearly not in the same geographic locale as we do not have TROs or OSCs (at least by those names) here.