Monday, July 22, 2013

(Not quite) the Rockford Files redux

It is true, Dear Reader, that there has been a change in my personal circumstances where in a short week from now I shall be homeless.

Well, half-homeless.

I have secured a caravan (or trailer as the Americans put it) as I did a couple of years back, which will do temporarily until I find something a little more suitable, and permanent.  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

In other news...

Well, Dear Reader, there's no danger of me going out there and getting a so-called 'real job' just yet.

Once again, my tender hopes to be a respectable and contributing member of society were cruelly crushed. To add insult to injury, I didn't even rate an interview for a position I am most suitably qualified and experienced for.

I'd like to say I'm not one to hold a grudge... but yes, that's exactly the kind of guy I am.

Some people say you shouldn't take these things personally but they don't get much more personal that this.


Thank you

One Dear Reader, not mentioning any names here, kindly donated to the buy-a-struggling-PI-a-coffee fund.

Mmmmmm... coffeee.

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It qualifies for your one good deed for the day requirement.