Saturday, September 28, 2013

PIs in Fiction: Robert Bogerud

It's not easy to be 28 year old detective Robert Bogerud. He is the only detective in the country with Downs syndrome. He has own office, a trench-coat and a Bogart-hat. He is ready - all he needs is his first case.

I kid you not.

Luckily, Detective Downs is a noir-comedy by Norwegian director Bård Breien. You can read a review of the film here and at least it sounds that it isn't a film relying on cheap jokes at the main actor's expense. 

Bogerud is hired by the wife of a missing conman and former speed skating champion to locate her erstwhile husband. Bogerud's 'method', as it were, relies on his stepping into the life of the missing Olav.

An interesting premise.    

Naturally, there is a trailer.

I doubt that this film is going to be screening at my local any time soon, but I will definitely keep an eye open at upcoming film festivals.

Now, someone (rather uncharitably, I thought) suggested I could play the lead in an English-language version. 

I'm too tall, was my response.

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