Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bullshit Files: 'Psychic' didn't see guilty verdict coming

It always gladdens my heart to see the truly deserving get what's coming to them and, in this case, Sylvia Mitchell (her real name) has been found guilty of defrauding two women out of $138,000.

You can read the full article here

Oh, Sylvia, did you not see this dark cloud looming over your own future?

Guess not.

It seems Sylvia's 'technique', such as it was, consisted mainly of convincing clients to dispel negative energy by letting go of money. And by 'letting go', Sylvia meant the clients would give said monies to her.

Obviously she is an enlightened being, untroubled by past lives - as she claimed afflicted her clients.

Oh, wait... no.

Anyway, it looks like she'll have plenty of time to meditate on the problem. Up to 15 years, in fact.

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