Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thoughts on an Exposé

Recently there has been a prominent blogger* disclosing some 'revelations' regarding several political figures' dirty laundry. This blogger, clearly to the far right of the political spectrum, seems to be less interested in even-handedness, and more concerned with deliberately targeting the wrongdoings of those on the political left.

I guess everyone needs a hobby, even one that serves an agenda.

One such breaking story was the leak of texts between a local body political candidate and a supposedly under-aged male. The said Candidate sent a pxt of himself, more or less naked, to the boy, who he believed was 15 years old.

Pretty damning stuff.

Naturally, the prominent blogger crowed about this scoop and was even referenced in the actual media in regards to his exposé.

The end result is the candidate stepped down and a possible police investigation into the matter.

Now I'm not defending the actions of said Candidate who should not only have been more circumspect in his dealings with a member of the public, particularly if believed to be under-aged, but who also displayed a complete lack of common sense in regards to behaviour exhibited in general by a contender to public office.

Some bad decisions made there.

However, I am somewhat concerned after reading through the published transcripts of the texts between the Candidate and the 'boy' (we don't know if the other party really was a 15 year-old boy or merely pretending). While only a portion of those texts have been published, what seems evident from the information provided is that the Candidate is the target of an agent provocateur rather that being the predator of young boys, as he has been depicted.

Sure, he sent that photograph of himself, penis in hand - and that looks bad. Undeniably so - in more than one way. But he did so at the request of the other party and wasn't evidently all that into it as refused to send more of himself totally naked when asked.

Furthermore, all the explicit chat about sexual acts was instigated by the other party, the Candidate didn't even seem all that enthused, and certainly didn't reciprocate in kind.

It was looking like less of a predator being exposed than a ham-fisted and deliberate attempt to get rid of a political figure.

And that it hasn't been picked up as such is a worry.

* The Malcolm Tucker soundbite really does fit this blogger in question who, in spite of his sins, shall remain nameless - as does not deserve any further publicity


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