Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another year (almost) done

Well, it's just about that time, Dear Reader, where we are done with the Old and welcome in the New.

Good riddance to old rubbish, I say!

However, it's not like I'm feeling any excitement or anticipation of good things to come. Nope, colour me cynical and world-weary if you must, but I sense it's just going to be more of the same for the coming year.

It could just be that my perception has been coloured by a few weeks, in particular, of things not going right - or even remotely according to plan - and therefore I've been feeling more sorry for myself than the norm.

However, I like to think my pragmatic intellect has analysed the situation carefully and I have come to the only possible conclusion: this year fucking sucked and next year is unlikely to be any better!

In 2012, I came to the realisation that things had come to a standstill, professionally, and that in order to continue to develop, I should be looking for opportunities, in Bad City or elsewhere, throughout 2013. Sadly, those opportunities were few and far between and, with one notable exception, I was apparently not even seriously considered for positions where I had not only the relevant experience, but also was currently working within that particular environment.

It's hard not to take it personally when it is entirely personal!

As I write this, I note that there is a local investigator position open within an organisation that had previously shot me down. I may have burned some bridges with this particular organisation when I alerted the media to what was obviously a corrupt network in regards to employment, but perhaps I could swallow my pride and apply again. This particular role is not the same as that several years ago, so the person I may have offended is unlikely to be involved in the hiring process, even if he is still involved within the organisation.

Otherwise, it has been a year of tinfoil hats, a record number of complaints, and otherwise getting no closer to any of the resolutions made in 2011.

Maybe next year, eh?

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