Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Subject of Complaint

Once again, Dear Reader, I have had a subject of an insurance investigation make certain allegations in regards to my conduct and what I had supposedly stated to him during the course of the investigation.

This isn't the first time he's done so. Not only in regards to myself, but also others he had dealt with in regards to the claims process.

He's even claimed that he has recorded our conversations (without my knowledge or consent, naturally) but has yet to furnish any actual evidence of this. 

The guy is a Class-A douchenozzle, for reasons other than his spurious complaints.

While I'm not going to go into detail on what the claim concerns, one thing of note is that the Insured has stated a number of times that he had worked in a covert capacity for the local constabulary and therefore was unable to complete the standard disclosures required in any claims investigation, as this might prejudice his safety blah blah blah.

Why the police would need to turn to this particular individual to get things done, that they presumably are unable to do themselves, is beyond me.

And, in fact, after a quiet word with a senior officer in the area it was confirmed that he never has worked in any capacity for the police whatsoever although may have provided information to them once upon a time.

Also, when making general enquiries at the station in regards to his claim, the desk officer made the internationally-recognised gesture for fucking nutbar when I gave him the Insured's name.

It seems he is well known indeed.

The thing is that I believe his claim to be a legitimate event and the concerns that the insurer had were mainly due to misunderstanding, not deceit.

However, the refusal of the Insured to fully comply along with his laughable assertion of being a super-secret-special-agent dude does not help his cause.

And neither do his complaints, some of which have already been proven to be false. In one instance he stated that the claims handler had made a derogatory comment to him on the phone but that call had been recorded by the insurer and there was no such comment made when investigated.

That just makes him look like a serial whiner and questions the validity of any other allegations he has made.

But I don't appreciate being made out to be the Bad Guy in all this.

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