Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Quest for the Perfect Evidentiary Notebook

Well, I may have finally found what had been previously eluding me: the perfect (or at least near enough) evidentiary notebook for investigatory purposes.

Really, it doesn't take much to fit the bill, yet it is still difficult enough to find a brand of notebook that has all of the required features:

  1. Individually-numbered pages
  2. Pages sewn into binding
  3. Printed date/time/keyword column
And, naturally, I have a preference for the reporter-style layout. Well, I may be able to cease my search as I have recently found the Triform Private Security Evidence Notebook from Canadian publisher, Carswell. 

The notebooks have a cardboard cover but you can purchase more robust outer cases in leather, vinyl or cordura.

Check out the Triform page with the various notebooks and accessories. And, yes, they do ship internationally (just don't use their online ordering though as the signup expects you to be in a Canadian state).

I've placed an order and will post a review as soon as I am in receipt.   


  1. For surveillance notes give Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Premium Edition) a go (www.nuance.com) It transcribes from a digital voice recorder. Its also useful for a lot of reporting once your get it “trained,” as you speak far faster than you type. Takes around an hour – 90 min to train it to your speech and then minor adjustments for the first few reports. Look its $175 USD but it really is amazingly accurate and fast once it is tuned in. It also spels betar than me

    1. Hey Tony, I last used Dragon Dictate about 15 or more years ago and it was a painful process. I should have another look. However, as far as surveillance notes go, I keep mine fairly brief if using a voice recorder,