Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5 'must-have' items to keep in your car

Well, Dear Reader, I thought I would post some quick recommendations as to what handy items I routinely keep in my vehicle for those 'just in case' moments.

And since everyone loves lists, here are my Top 5.

No candy though!

5 - Toilet Paper 

I guess it's one of those 'better to have and not need than need and not have' items but apart from its intended purpose, you can use it to clean windows, lenses etc.

4 - Change of clothes

I always keep an overnight bag with change of clothes, towel, and toiletries in the back of the car just in case a day trip out of town ends up being an unexpected longer stay, or even if I end up getting completely soaked and need to change into warm and dry clothes.

3 - USB power adaptor

With so many devices being charged directly from USB, you would be an idiot not to keep something like this in your vehicle to ensure all your electronic gadgets are fully-charged and ready to use. Of course, sometimes a USB adaptor isn't enough and you'll need an inverter to charge larger devices like laptops etc.

2 - Cloth tape

The ubiquitous cloth tape has so many uses, it would be difficult to name them all. I find the stuff so handy, I keep a roll in my bag as well as in the car! 

I'm sure you could think of many uses of your own, but try to avoid getting arrested.

1 - Hand sanitiser

Note: this is the actual bottle I purchased. I didn't read the label until recently, however...

So, what useful things do you keep in your car?

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