Friday, July 11, 2014

Lawmate PV-500 L2 Mini DVR & Covert Camera

I suppose it is kind of funny, Dear Reader, that just earlier today I was browsing for a covert, body-worn, camera and DVR system.

That's not the funny part, however.

So, while checking out hot deals at Amazon, I accidently pressed the '1-click ordering' link while looking for further product information on Lawmate's PV-500 Lite 2 DVR.

That is the funny part.

Freudian finger-slip?

Actually, it's not a complete disaster as I was pretty much planning on making the purchase although, admittedly, just not today. Just as well someone paid me earlier.

So, what are the stats? Well, you can check out the Lawmate page but, in brief:

  • 3 hour battery life (a 7-hour battery back is available separately)
  • Up to 32 hours recording (1 hour per 1GB) on an SD card
  • Date/time stamping
  • Records audio
  • Resolution of 720x576 @ 28 fps 
  • IR remote
  • Upload to PC by USB
  • CMOS buttoncam included
Included buttoncam with extras
Now that I've actually made the purchase, I hope it arrives in time for a pending investigation next month where it should prove very useful indeed.

And once I've had a chance to test it out, I'll post a review.

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